Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevalence for Oklahoma

Oklahoma has some of the highest rates for Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders. Based on 2020 data, Oklahoma ranks 5th (25.6%) in the nation for rates of Any Mental Illness1. Also, Oklahoma’s rate for Any Substance Abuse Disorders is 16.1%. This means that between 700,000 and 950,0002 adult Oklahomans need services; most are not receiving the care they need to fully recover from their illnesses. Approximately 180,000 Oklahomans received ODMHSAS services in FY21.

The Prevalence estimates provided by the Federal government are not provided at a county level, only at a state level. Any county estimates are based on the number of individuals in a county, then multipled by the statewide estimate. Therefore, we are unable to know the difference in the Prevalence rates by county.