Outcome Monitoring Reports

Department policies, rules and contracts require timely and accurate reporting of client information (e.g., admission and discharge dates, changes in clinical status, demographics, and treatment plan) to the ODMHSAS Integrated Client Information System (ICIS). It is critical that these changes be reported correctly when they occur, so the Department can provide accurate information for the National Outcome Measures (NOMs) required by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for their reports to Congress.

To help agencies meet their goals to improve their data quality and reporting practices, ODMHSAS has created a set of reports that summarize each agency's data that has been reported to ICIS. The reports were designed for each agency to look at its own practices, rather than to compare agency to agency. Even though there may similarities across agencies, each has unique characteristics that may not be revealed in these reports. For example, a residential treatment agency serving women with children may have a lower employment rate than an outpatient treatment provider.

There are over 6,400 reports available through this application. Because of the length of time it takes to generate them, they are only updated monthly. The timeframe reflected in the reports is the past 12 months, ending with the last quarter.

Please click on each of the drop-down lists below to select the parameters for the report you want, then click on the 'Get Report' button to get a PDF version of the report. If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please contact Mark Reynolds.