ACEs Training for CDC/PA Submission

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•         Webinar Presentation

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Behavioral Health Billable Hours (35 hour rule)

•        Webinar Presentation – please note: changes in Presentation supersede information in Recording

•        Webinar Recording

•        Procedure Codes with time


ODMHSAS Contracted/Operated Residential Treatment Provider Wait list

•        Training material for ODMHSAS Outpatient Substance Abuse Providers (updated on 8/31/2016)

•        Training material for ODMHSAS Residential Substance Abuse Providers (updated on 8/31/2016)

•        Instructions for inputting information into the alert field

•        Oklahoma Determination of ASAM Service Level (ODASL) Instrument

•        ODASL Treatment Service Level Placement 2018 January

•        ODASL Withdrawal Management Score Sheet 2018 January

•        ODASL Administration and Scoring Instructions

•        TCU V Screening

•        TCU V Scoring and Interpretation Guide

•        Multi-Party Consent Form

•        SA Provider List

•      ODMHSAS Contracted/Operated Residential Treatment providers may enter individuals into PICIS using a CDC 27. Don't forget to use the secondary referral code and fill in the alert information.

•      The Multi-Party Consent Form must in place prior to anyone being placed on the Wait List.

•      Billing for the screening and ODASL can be done by billing procedure code H0001 HF TG U1 (ODASL - up to three units), H0002 HF TF U1 (screening only) or H0001 HF TF U1 GQ (screening only by telephone). You must be an ODMHSAS provider with an ‘02’contract to be able bill:

•      These are non-PA services. You do NOT have to submit a CDC to get paid for the services, but you do have to submit a CDC to get the client onto the wait list.


Letters of Collaboration\Termination (began on 2/6/2014)

•        PowerPoint Training (updated with 10/1/2014 changes)

•        LOC Example

•        LOT Example

•        LOT Example (Spanish Version)

•        Quick Reference Guide (updated with 10/1/2014 changes)