ACEs and CATS Training for CDC/PA Submission

•         ACE Tool

•         CATS Instructions

•         Webinar Presentation

•         Webinar Recording


Behavioral Health Billable Hours (35 hour rule)

•        Webinar Presentation – please note: changes in Presentation supersede information in Recording

•        Webinar Recording

•        Procedure Codes with time


ODMHSAS Contracted/Operated Residential Treatment Provider

•        ODMHSAS Contracted Providers - Non-FFS Billing - eProviderInvoice Tutorial

•        ASAM Placement Intructions

•        ASAM Placement Video

•        Women & Children's Residential Clinical Review

•        ODMHSAS Live ASAM Training on 1/22/2021 – please note: references made to the abbreviated version of the ASAM Placement Tool are no longer relevant. Please refer to ASAM Training PPT below.

•        ASAM training PPT

•        Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Authorization Process

•        SUD Residential Level of Care Provider Instructions for IMD Waiver

•        ODMHSAS Bed Availability List

•      On July 1 of 2020, ODMHSAS will have retired the waitlist for Substance Abuse Residential Treatment for contracted providers. Residential Substance Abuse providers have been enrolled and have access to an application in access control that allows them to modify their bed availability count on the public page, above. In addition, Residential Treatment Providers are allowed up to 20% of their contracted beds to server walk-ins. The other portion will filled by callins from outpatient providers or bed to bed transfers.

•      Providers looking to admit an individual into a residential substance abuse facility will complete an ODASL, with criteria being met, they will then use the ODMHSAS Bed Availability List and connect the individual with the facility.

•      The Multi-Party Consent Form must in place prior to contacting the treatment facility.

•        Multi-Party Consent Form

•        Clinical Review Request form for SUD Treatment


ASAM Roundtable Videos

•        ASAM Roundtable: Pregnant Women/Women with Children in Treatment - May 25

•        ASAM Roundtable: Pregnant Women/Women with Children in Treatment - May 26

•        ASAM Roundtable: Pregnant Women/Women with Children in Treatment - June

•        ASAM Roundtable: Pregnant Women/Women with Children in Treatment - July


Letters of Collaboration\Termination (began on 2/6/2014)

•        PowerPoint Training (updated with 4/6/2022 changes)

•        New LOT process Training – 4/1/2022

•        LOC Example

•        LOT Example

•        LOT Example (Spanish Version)

•        Quick Reference Guide (updated with 10/1/2014 changes)