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The Department operates or contracts with substance abuse treatment centers across Oklahoma, many with satellite offices. Among these programs' offerings are assessment and referral, detoxification, outpatient counseling, residential treatment, substance abuse education, transitional living, and aftercare services. Some programs are designed with the needs of specific groups in mind, such as women with children, adolescents, or Native Americans.

The Department also supports prevention programs to help young people build healthy lifestyles and acquire skills that reduce their risk of later developing alcohol or drug dependence. These programs involve training to develop strong, positive self-images; education about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs; free literature and educational videos; and assistance to community groups in establishing effective organizations to fight substance abuse. To implement its prevention programs, the Department funds a network of 18 Area Prevention Resource Centers, as well as several other programs offering education and assistance to schools, parents, and community groups.

For help in linking to services, call the Department's Reach-Out hotline at 800-522-9054 (V/TDD). This number is staffed around the clock to provide information and assistance.

To view an on-line listing of substance abuse facilities across the nation, including Oklahoma, visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's Internet site at This site lists federal, state, local and private facilities that provide drug abuse and alcoholism treatment services and includes locator maps.

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