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BATH SALTS WERE INVOLVED IN OVER 20,000 DRUG-RELATED EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT VISITS IN 2011 The Drug Abuse Warning Network first detected a measurable number of emergency department visit involving bath salts in 2011. Of the nearly 2.5 milli... Read More »

FAMILY THERAPY CAN HELP FOR PEOPLE IN RECOVERY Family therapy is based on the idea that a family is a system of different parts. A change in any part of the system will trigger changes in all the ... Read More »

WHY YOU SHOULD TALK WITH YOUR CHILD ABOUT ALCOHOL The sooner you talk to your children about alcohol, the greater chance you have of influencing their decisions about drinking.... Read More »

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Healthy Start, Grow Smart-Building A Bright Future Through A Healthy Pregnancy This booklet provides health information to consumers to improve the health of pregnant women and young children from before birth to age 35 months.... Read More »

Important Information - Suicide Warning Signs (Spanish) This publication identifies the verbal, behavioral, and situational warning signs of suicide and how one should respond.... Read More »

DRUG FACTS-LESSONS FROM PREVENTION RESEARCH Describes principles important to consider when developing drug abuse prevention programs and discusses issues relevant for family, school and communi... Read More »

STIMULANT ADHD MEDICATIONS Offers basic facts about stimulant ADHD medications, including their role in the treatment of ADHD, their effect on the brain, and the extent of abuse... Read More »