Documents to help with denied claims

        Behavioral Health Top Denials

        ODMHSAS Specific Error Codes

        Understanding and Correcting Common Denials


Codes & Rates

        PA Groups Spreadsheet updated 11/28/2022.

        Rates and Codes for Agencies - updated on 11/30/2022

        Rates and Codes for LHBPs - effective 1/1/2019, updated on 1/7/2019

        Rates and Codes for Psychologists - effective 7/1/2022, updated on 7/19/2022

        Services by Contract Source can be found in PICIS (Reports; Data Management; List of Reportable Services by Contract Source)


        Changes to CPT codes for 1/1/2013-Revised


        Halfway House, Residential SUD, Med Detox OHCA/DMH Billing Guide effective 7/1/22