FY2020 PA Manual (includes CDC Manual)

       FY2019 PA Manual (includes CDC Manual)

       FY2018 PA Manual (includes CDC Manual)

       FY2017 PA Manual (includes CDC Manual) updated on 2/1/2017

       FY2019 Health Home Manual

Support Services

       Providing-Billing Services that Support the 8 Dimensions of Wellness Guide

       PRSS Protocol for Provision of ODMHSAS and OHCA Funded BH Services FY2019

       BH Case Management Guide

Health Homes

       Health Home High Intensity Change for 2/2/2018

ODMHSAS Contracted Agencies Only

       ODMHSAS Service Manual for FY19 Questions? Contact Jacki Millspaugh at

       ODMHSAS Service Manual for FY18

       ODMHSAS Service Manual for FY17

       ODMHSAS Service Manual for FY16

       ODMHSAS Service Manual for FY15 (revised 2/20/2015).

       ODMHSAS Service Manual for FY14

       ODMHSAS Service Manual for FY13

       ODMHSAS Service Manual for FY12

Eligibility Guides & ID Forms

       Instructions on how to extend MHSAS eligibility or get a Member ID forODMHSAS-contracted providers (PDF). It is the same process for extending or obtaining a Member ID.

       ODMHSAS FY19 Eligibility Criteria

       ODMHSAS FY18 Eligibility Criteria

       ODMHSAS FY17 Eligibility Criteria

       ODMHSAS FY16 Eligibility Criteria

       ODMHSAS FY15 Eligibility Criteria

       ODMHSAS FY14 Eligibility Criteria

       Member ID Form for Undocumented Aliens for ODMHSAS Providers Only (Updated 1/25/2017)

       FAQ related to Undocumented Aliens Form

       Member ID Correction Form

       Linking IDs for Adopted Children

       Place of Service Codes

        Rehab Eligibility Changes

        IEP/504 Attestation

        Rehab Webinar FAQ

        PowerPoint from Rehab Changes Webinars


TANF/CW Required Report Templates, Forms, Documents

      Multi-Party Consent for Release of Confidential or Protected Information - TEMPLATE.docx
This document is needed for residential wait list.

       CW-Assessment Report - SAMPLE.docx

       CW-Assessment Report - TEMPLATE.docx

       CW-Discharge Report - TEMPLATE.docx

       CW-Monthly Report - SAMPLE.docx

       CW-Monthly Report Fillable - TEMPLATE.docx

       CW-Monthly Report Non Fillable - TEMPLATE.docx

       CW-Nonattendance Monthly Report - SAMPLE.docx

       TANF-Assessment Report - SAMPLE.docx

       TANF-Assessment Report - TEMPLATE.docx

       TANF-Discharge Report - TEMPLATE.docx

       TANF-Monthly Report - SAMPLE.docx

       TANF-Monthly Report Fillable - TEMPLATE.docx

       TANF-Monthly Report Non Fillable - TEMPLATE.docx

       TANF-No Further Assessment Needed - TEMPLATE.docx

       TANF-Nonattendance Monthly Report - SAMPLE.docx