Central Oklahoma Community Mental Health Center
joins with individuals, families, and communities
to encourage hope, recovery, and wellness.

COCMHC is growing and in order to better care for the people we serve, we continually search for opportunities to improve our services.

We employ several Recovery Support Specialists (RSS) and Family Support Providers (FSP), which are individuals with personal experience living with a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis or have a child with complex mental health needs. COCMHC employs RSSs and FSPs to help you and your family connect to opportunities for growth, wellness and recovery.

Staff at COCMHC utilize Person Centered Planning which identifies the strengths and abilities of the people they serve as well as focusing services on the areas individuals identify as personally important. This emphasizes your role in planning and participating in your recovery journey.

COCMHC leads the state in providing services under the Integrated Services Initiative (ISI). The goal of the ISI is to treat individuals with a co-occurring mental health and substance abuse diagnosis by addressing physical, mental, and spiritual needs in a holistic manner.

We embrace input from the people we serve and support greater involvement of those individuals in the leadership of COCMHC. We invite a number of people we serve to participate on advisory boards, community teams, and as members of COCMHC’s Performance Improvement Committee.

We understand that many people have experienced trauma that affects their everyday lives and relationships. As part of our commitment to Trauma Informed Care, COCMHC trains staff in the effects of trauma in order to enhance the services we provide and help you or your loved ones heal.

COCMHC uses telemedicine equipment including video conferencing at various locations around our campuses. This equipment allows staff members as well as the people we serve to communicate with other programs throughout our agency without traveling between multiple locations.