What Is Recovery?

Central Oklahoma Community Mental Health Center believes in the importance of peer support. Individuals who have walked the path of recovery from a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis have invaluable experience to share. Recovery Support Specialists and Family Support Providers at COCMHC are here to help through education, peer counseling and advocacy.

Recovery is a unique journey for every individual.
This is expressed in the following accounts from two individuals employed at COCMHC.

Recovery to me encompasses all that we do to stay well, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Recovery is the inner sanctum we seek to find when we search for serenity in a chaotic world. We can embrace the reality that we have endured and triumphed over our own set of circumstances, whether it is mental illness, addiction, abuse, or loss of loved ones.

As a person with lived experience with both a mental illness and addiction, I look back on my journey for continued hope, inspiration, and encouragement. I also look to my peers who have shared this journey along with me. It is a vital part of our recovery, as people with lived experience, we should offer ourselves and our stories to serve as a beacon of hope to our fellow brothers and sisters who are still struggling with their concept and or realization of recovery. In this service we remind ourselves that while our journey is not over we are in it together and together we shall overcome.


When our lives are broken from mental or physical illness and the pieces are scattered in all directions, and we are trying desperately to recover them and reclaim our dignity and self identity, we soon realize to accomplish this, we need HELP. My personal journey with finding this help came from my experiences in learning the dynamics and components of Recovery and using them in my daily life.

Recovery is a program that gives us the tools and techniques necessary to return to a satisfying and meaningful life in a community of our choice and achieving our full potential as an individual. It is individualized and person centered and holistic in content. It restores personal power through self directed planning and opportunities. It is a journey of healing and transformation. You will discover new strengths, talents and abilities that boost your spirits and open your eyes to opportunities you never knew existed. Negative thoughts will be replaced by a positive attitude. You will find hope for a new and better future and you may even find yourself smiling.