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Family Frontier System of Care

A system of care is a comprehensive spectrum of mental health and other necessary services which are organized into a coordinated network to meet the multiple and changing needs of children and their families.

The Family Frontier System of Care is comprised of a group of community members whose goal is to develop a coordinated network of support to meet the needs of children with emotional disturbances and their families. The core values of the FFSOC philosophy specify that services should be community based, child centered and family focused and culturally competent. The FFSOC embraces the values and principles of the system of care as identified by the Oklahoma System of Care Initiative and rely on them as a guide for decision-making.


  • Oklahoma makes a persistent commitment to help every child, youth and family achieve and maintain stability, and permanence in a safe environment
  • Services and supports are developed to best ensure the safety of the child, youth, family, and community.
  • Services and supports are provided in the best interest of the child to ensure that all of the child’s needs are being met.
  • The child is viewed as a part of the whole family. Children, youth and their families have access to discussions related to their plans, an opportunity to voice their preferences, and ultimately feel thy own and drive the plan.
  • Plans for children, youth and their families are individualized to the unique culture beliefs and values, strengths, and needs of each child and family.
  • Services and supports build on the identified strengths of the child, youth, family, and community.
  • Services and supports are offered early to facilitate wellness for the family.
  • Services are provided in the most appropriate and least restrictive environment in the home and community of the child. The system of care is community oriented with management and decision-making at the community level.
  • Children and families are supported by friends and community social networks and resources (e.g., service and faith based organizations).
  • Collaboration between agencies, schools, community resources, youth and families is the basis for building and financing a local comprehensive and integrated system of care.
  • Family and youth are equal partners in identifying, creating, and evaluating the comprehensive and integrated system.
  • Services and supports are outcome based with clear accountability and cost responsibility. This includes accountability for the use of public and private funds and the ability to use savings for early intervention.

    The Family Frontier System of Care supports two Community Teams, a Cleveland County Team and a McClain County Team, that welcome the participation of anyone in the community that is committed to improving the lives of children and families. These teams meet monthly to evaluate the progress of the community, identify gaps in services and barrier bust.

    For information about the next Community Team meeting in your area please call 573-3812.

    Family Frontier System of CARE Services

    Wraparound Services

    The FFSOC uses the practice of wraparound to serve families that are caring for children with complex mental health needs. This model embraces a philosophy of care that is based on the strengths, needs, and preferences of the child and family being served. A comprehensive strengths and needs discovery is developed with the family and is used as a foundation for individualized care coordination. Families are full and active partners in development of a wraparound team or Family Team. The wraparound process is a team driven process involving the child, family, natural supports and agencies and community services to develop or integrate a comprehensive plan. This wraparound plan is individualized, strength-based, and meets the needs of children and families across life domains to promote success, safety, improved mental health, and permanence in school, home, and the community.

    For referral information, please call 573-3812.

    Family Night

    Each month families in the community are invited to participate in Family Night activities at the Central Oklahoma Community Mental Health Center, host agency for the Family Frontier System of Care. All members of the family are welcome to attend. Enrichment activities are planned for each age group.

    For more information about Family Night call 573-3812.

    Parent/Caregiver Involvement

    The involvement by parents and caregivers in the system of care is valued and necessary to improving the services and, indeed, the lives of the children and families in our community. It is essential to have parents and youth involved at every level in our system. The Family Frontier System of Care supports a monthly Family Night to reach out to families and serve as a vehicle for education and involvement.

    Partners of Hope

    Partners of Hope is a parent/caregiver directed group with the goal of providing support, education and training for parents and other caregivers that are raising children. Partners of Hope meets each month and provides support through open dialog, education through speakers or other formal training opportunities and opportunities to learn new skills to improve the system of care for children and youth in our community. Partners of Hope is an affiliate of the Oklahoma Federation of Families.

    For information about Partners of Hope please call 573-3812.

    Family Leadership Academy

    Utilizing a curriculum written by the Oklahoma Federation of Families, the FFSOC sponsors a Family Leadership Academy for parents and caregivers. This academy provides parents and caregivers with information about leadership, effective ways to tell your story, information about serving on boards and committees, understanding financial data and budgets, meeting basics and the role of families in advocacy.

    Please call 573-3812 for more information about Family Leadership Academy.

    Youth Involvement

    The FFSOC encourages youth to be involved in peer led activities by participating in opportunities provided by the FFSOC.

    For information about any of the youth activities please call 573-3812.

    The Motivators

    The FFSOC sponsors The Motivators which is a youth team that meets monthly to empower and encourage young people. This group provides a young person with opportunities for support, education, and socialization. The group is open to any young person age 13 and up. It meets monthly during Family Night and is facilitated by staff from the FFSOC wraparound project.

    Teens Need to Talk (TNT2)

    TNT2 is a youth driven support group for young persons age 13 and up with loved ones who are recovering from mental illness. This group meets monthly and is supported by staff from the FFSOC wraparound project.